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Michele Ramos
Assistant Principal
Christine Vigliotti
Assistant Principal
Kimberly Worsdale
P.S. 16 School Mission
At Public School 16, our mission is to cultivate an equitable school community where every student's voice is empowered and uplifted. We are committed to fostering academic excellence and nurturing the inner genius of each student. Through the integration of the five pursuits into every aspect of their education and beyond, we encourage critical thinking, challenge oppression, and promote a strong sense of identity among our students and their peers. Our dedicated teachers and staff strive to instill in our students the essential skills and proficiencies across various subjects while fostering a growth mindset. By embracing intellectualism and fostering joy, we create a vibrant and innovative learning environment grounded in 21st-century skills. Through collaboration and a commitment to safety, our entire staff creates a cheerful and secure school environment, laying the foundation for academic and social success in our young learners.
P.S. 16 School Vision
Our vision at Public School 16 is to create a community of equity where every student's voice is valued and respected. We envision a school where students are inspired to reach their full potential and embrace their unique strengths. Through a holistic approach to education, we aim to empower students to think critically, challenge oppression, and contribute positively to the world. By nurturing a strong sense of identity and belonging, we foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to providing high-quality instruction that promotes intellectual growth and a lifelong love for learning. We envision a future where our students thrive as confident, adaptable, and compassionate individuals, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Together, we aspire to cultivate joy, foster innovation, and build a solid foundation for academic and social success in our students.
Our Instructional Focus
If we want student ownership of learning, students need support, access and opportunities to engage in academic conversations, self & peer monitor growth while self-regulating to persevere to meet their goals whether in-person or learning remotely.