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5th Grade & Middle School Info

Virtual Awards Ceremony
We will hold a Virtual Awards Ceremony on June 21st at 10:30 am. Only students receiving an award will attend. Students will know before if they should be in attendance online. 
5th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony
Our 5th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony will be held June 22nd following the schedule below. Each class will have a designated time. The ceremony will take place in the lower school yard. Each student may only have 2 guests attend the ceremony. Social distancing guidelines will be followed and masks must be worn. 

Ms. Martinez/ Ms. Castro 9:00 am

Ms. Parente/ Mr. Mehmedovic 9:40 am

Ms. Terzino / Ms. Teller 10:15 am

Ms. Pechter 11:00 am

Any 5th grade students going to I.S. 61 should fill out the Student Information Form. You may also visit the I.S. 61 website  to access the form.